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New Anniversary Edition with New Maps, Photos, and Illustrations

Crisis on the Danube: Napoleon’s Austrian Campaign of 1809

by James R. Arnold

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Table of Contents

Chapter I. Diplomatic War
      Setting the Stage
      Background to Betrayal
      Dateline to War
Chapter II. The Napoleonic War Machines
      The Tactical Mosaic
      The Austrian Army
      The French Army
Chapter III. Surprise in Bavaria
      The Battle for Intelligence
      War Plans
      The Fog of War
Chapter IV. The Master Arrives
      The Invasion of Bavaria
      To the Front
      Approach March
Chapter V. The Tenth Legion
      Ridgetop Battle
      Seizing the Initiative
      Planning a Counteroffensive
Chapter VI. The Battle of Abensberg
      Cordon Defense
      Collapse of the Abens Position
      Ratisbonne Beleaguered
Chapter VII. The Landshut Hunt
      Davout's Ordeal
      The Lion of Landshut
Chapter VIII. The Battle of Eckmühl
      Two A.M. Courage
      Set-Piece Battle
Chapter IX. The Scale of Victory
      Moonlit Combat
      Conference of War
Chapter X. The Emperor’s Wound
      To Cross the Danube
      Convergence on Ratisbonne
      Displays of Courage
Chapter XI. Conclusion
      Campaign’s End
Appendix I. Fates Intermingled: The Principal Characters And What Became of Them
Appendix II. Order of Battle
Appendix III. Command and Control
Appendix IV. The 1809 Campaign as a War Game
Appendix V. The Battlefield Today
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