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Napoleon 1813: Decision at Bautzen

By James R. Arnold

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Table of Contents

Introduction: June 24, 1812
Chapter I. Alexander's Vision
      Part 1. The Defection of General Yorck
      Part 2. Eugène's Trials
Chapter II. A New Army
      Part 1. Conscripts, Cohorts, and Navy Gunners
      Part 2. The Cavalry Problem
Chapter III. The Allied Armies
      Part 1. The Tsar's Army
      Part 2. The King's Army
Chapter IV. The Battle of Möckern
Chapter V. Convergence on Saxony
      Part 1. Sojourn in Mayence
      Part 2. Problems of Command
Chapter VI. The March to Lützen
      Part 1. The Challenge of Coordination
      Part 2. Death of a Comrade
Chapter VII. The Fate of Germany
      Part 1. Approach March
      Part 2. Reconnaissance
      Part 3. First Contacts
Chapter VIII. Surprise Attack
      Part 1. The Botched Deployments
      Part 2. The Killing Box
      Part 3. To the Sound of the Guns
Chapter IX. A French Victory
      Part 1. The Master Arrives
      Part 2. East of the Floss-Graben
      Part 3. Napoleon's Counterstroke
Chapter X. Lützen Aftermath
      Part 1. Confusion in the Dark
      Part 2. Battle Assessment
Chapter XI. On to Dresden
      Part 1. A Barren Pursuit
      Part 2. The Last Capital
      Part 3. Resetting the Pieces
Chapter XII. Convergence on Bautzen
      Part 1. The Decision to Fight
      Part 2. The Combats of Königswartha and Weissig
Chapter XIII. The First Day at Bautzen
      Part 1. Pinning Attack
      Part 2. Wittgenstein's Revenge
Chapter XIV. Decision at Bautzen
      Part 1. Battle in the Morning
      Part 2. The Struggle for Preititz
      Part 3. Napoleon Attacks
Chapter XV. Austria in the Balance
      Part 1. Battle's Aftermath
      Part 2. Death of a Friend
      Part 3. Change of Command
Chapter XVI. End Game
      Part 1. The Truce
      Part 2. Pass in Review
      Part 3. Checkmate
Appendix I. French Order of Battle
Appendix II. Russo-Prussian Order of Battle
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464 pages including 35 maps, 71 illustrations, and two appendices

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© Copyright, James R. Arnold. All Rights Reserved