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New Edition with Improved Maps, Photos, Illustrations, and Orders of Battle

Napoleon Conquers Austria: The 1809 Campaign for Vienna

by James R. Arnold

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Table of Contents

Chapter I. Strategic Delusion
      Carnage in the Streets
      The Fall of Vienna
Chapter II. The Armies of 1809
      The French War Machine
      The Austrian War Machine
Chapter III. Day of Battle
      "A Numerous Artillery Ravaged Our Lines"
Chapter IV. "A Combat of Giants"
      Lannes's Assault
      The Cost of Glory
Chapter V. Tour de Horizon
Chapter VI. In Flank and Rear
      "The Music of the Brave"
      Raids in the Rear
      Preparation for Battle
Chapter VII. In Search of Battle
      River Assault
      Evening Defeat
Chapter VIII. The Killing Ground
      Spoiling Attack
      Disaster along the Danube
      Artillery Charge
      The "Infernal Column"
Chapter IX. The Spoils of War
      A Durable Peace
      Perfidious Albion
Chapter X. An End to Glory
      Dynastic Imperative
Appendix I. Aspern-Essling Order of Battlee
Appendix II. Wagram Order of Battle
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